Se moi

The one thing that becomes obvious when you meet Shannon Eckstein is her incredible spirit and sincere love of people. Without a doubt, this is her strongest photographic gift. She knows how to become invisible and capture those most intimate moments or to return to her fully outgoing self and bring out that mischievous sparkle in someone’s eyes.

Silvershadow Photographic Images was originally established in Vancouver BC. in 1997 but Shannon’s photographic adventure has taken her all over world. She has lived & traveled throughout South East Asia, The South Pacific, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, India and the USA. Her honest portraits of family, love and children have gained her international recognition. In 2001 the M.I.L.K collection chose 2 of Shannon’s images [out of 40,000 entries] for publication and to headline a massive international travelling photographic exhibition. In 2004 Shannon’s delightful image of a 103 yr old woman was nominated in the prestigious Spider Awards. In 2005 Shannon traveled with Operation Rainbow Canada to Punjab, India to document one of Rainbow’s many charitable medical missions. In June 2006 Shannon expanded and relocated her studio to Toronto, Ontario. Her work has been featured in national and international publications that include Popular Photography Magazine, NYC’s Reform Judaism and Real Weddings Magazine.

Aside from her natural ability to relate to seemingly anyone, her timing is impeccable. Her photojournalistic edge allows her to steal fleeting authentic moments over and over again. Shannon realizes each person is unique and views each like a mother would her newborn child – with awe, respect and wonderment. It is this wonderment that enables her to create such candid and timeless images.


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